Lofted Garden Shed

Lofted Garden Shed

Popular Style!

The Lofted Garden Shed is a favorite wooden storage building. It has a loft built into each side of the shed, giving you the most storage room for your money! These lofts are a handy place to store small boxes, seasonal decorations, extra household items, and anything else you want to save for later use. This unique loft design is a feature of all our Lofted Garden Sheds and comes at no extra charge!

Down below, the Lofted Garden Shed has room to keep your lawn mower, tiller, 4-wheeler, garden supplies, etc.

Standard features of the Lofted Garden Shed are doors on the side and two 2’ x 3’ windows. If you need a spot for your garden tractor, SUV, car, or golf cart, order an overhead door to make the shed vehicle accessible.

Maybe you already have a storage unit in town where you keep your belongings. Think how convenient it would be to have your things stored in your backyard instead! If you are worried about paying for a shed, ask us about our Rent-to-Own plan. We will work out monthly payments that compare to the amount you pay per month for your storage unit. And in the end, you will own a beautiful Garden Shed!

Some use our economic structures for housing. We have a list of Options and upgrades that would make this a comfortable, tiny house. Fill out our Contact Us form, or give us a call at (740) 624-0997 for more details.