Lofted Barn

Lofted Barn

The Lofted Barn has the same cute profile as our Barn with the additional benefit of a loft providing up to 50% more storage space! For only a little more money, you get a lot more room.

Not only is the Lofted Barn ideal for storage, but it also provides a comfortable place to pursue hobbies. Do you need a shop to tinker with small engines or space for your woodworking tools? Would you like a spot where your children can use their creativity to invent things from scraps?

All our buildings are treated with a weather-resistant sealer. We use premium-grade, pressure-treated siding. Exposed nails are galvanized to prevent rusting. We want your building to last for years to come!

We have many barns in stock for fast delivery. Call (740) 624-0997 and reserve yours today!

To see a list of options, Click Here. You can customize your building to fit your particular tastes and needs!

Standard sizes available for the Lofted Barn