Hunting Blinds

Discover the ultimate hunting experiences with a hunting blind from OakRidge hunting blinds!


  • Mega Buck 6 x 10

  • Penthouse 6 x 6

  • Grandview 6 x 6

  • Full Draw 5 x 5


shelf in corner of blind

Corner shelves can be used for storing your hunting gear.They can also be modified to be used as a rifle rack for those long days while awaiting the action.

photo of camo pattern

Oak Ridge Hunting Blinds has developed our own Four Season camouflage pattern that is designed to help the blind disappear into the forest. The simple silhouettes and natural colors break up the outline, allowing deer to quickly become accustomed to its presence. Many of today’s leading blind manufacturers have skipped this step, settling for a solid color that takes deer longer to become accustomed too.
We will gladly provided you with matching paints to which allow you to custom paint your own base, or add your own personal touch the the existing camouflage pattern.

bubble foil insulated ceiling

Insulated roofs help keep the cold of snow on the roof out, while trapping the rising heat from inside the blind. You are sure to stay warm thanks to this key step in the construction process. Insulation also helps to deaden and absorb the sound of rain on the roof.

neutral colored blinds

Neutral colors that blend with nature are standard on all our blinds.

image sliding window

Our StealthSlider™ window system features our new SilentGlide track and is by far the quietest system on the market. Our windows are split down the middle so you can open one or both sides. They're padded for total silence, and we use dark-tinted plexiglass that won't peel or fade. The opening size is 30” wide and 22” high. With StealthSlider you can keep the windows closed until your trophy is in range, this helps contain your scent, sound, and movement.


black sound proofing board

Black soundproofing board on all interior walls, insulated padding under floor carpet, and carpeted shelves provide enhanced sound protection as well as a BlackOut interior to hide your movements.

photo of vertical windows

These vertical 15”x35” windows are perfect for those hunting using a vertical bow, while still being very accommodating to those who hunt with a crossbow or gun. Not available in Grand View

corner windows

Imagine spending hours in your blind, when suddenly, out of nowhere a giant buck appears only yards away. You’re unprepared and before you can release a shot, he is gone. Our optional 12”x12” corner windows keep you in the game by eliminating four blind spots common in hunting blinds and providing true 360° viewing. This option is not available on the GrandView model.

elevated base

Oak Ridge Hunting Blinds are available with or without an elevated base. Base heights are available in 7’, 10’, and 12’ foot heights.


This option allows for easy entry into an elevated blind for those that prefer stairs rather than ladders. The porches are available in 3’ or 5’.